Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Going on 29?!

This morning, as a reward for surviving my 30 weeks pregnant check-up, I drove through Starbucks for a decaf, tall, one-and-a-half-pump cinnamon dolce latte. I had to wait so long that I had time to dig 100 pennies out of my ashtray to help pay for my latte...but that's not the point of the story. Nor is the wait time at a Starbucks drive-thru; in fact, I didn't mind it at all because I didn't have to get Koji out of the car.

This story is really about Koji. After my coffee (beverage--it's hard to say how much actual coffee used in the making of that drink! but it was tasty) came through the window, before we had time to drive away, he started to whimper. "What's wrong?" I asked. By then his whimpers had escalated to a small wail. "Koji wanted coffee too!" he declared. Huh? Note that he has never actually tasted coffee of any kind, though he has spent much of his short life watching us drink it...

This afternoon, a friend of mine stopped by for a few minutes to drop something off. Koji was watching his usual fare on the laptop in the dining room. He did say "hello" after a bit of prompting, but otherwise seemed to take no notice of her. That is, until she had left. Then, he started to cry. "What's wrong?" I asked again. After his temporary lurch into adulthood this morning, maybe I should have seen it coming. He lamented, "Koji wanted to talk to Mama's friend!"


Mom said...

Of course, my heart always does a little leap when I see something new posted on your blog. This one is especially entertaining. :-) Loved linking to "his usual fare." That was good for a laugh out loud.

Congrats on surviving your 30 weeks check up. How is BGM?


Laurie Ann said...

I can't get through a Starbucks drive-thru anymore without getting Ollie a kid's cocoa. Thankfully, it's only a buck. I don't even want to know how much sugar I'm feeding the poor kid... You should let Koji try some black decaf - that would probably cure him of his coffee craving or maybe make him an early addict??