Sunday, March 12, 2006

Too Much Responsibility = Irresponsibility

Though it's been a few weeks since my cell phone upgrade, I hadn't made time to mention it here, mostly because I was still trying to figure out how to use the thing. In addition, I was trying to develop the habit of keeping my phone close to me, thinking that maybe we could even do away with our landline and go all cellular.

Well, today spring temporarily came to Chicago. So Koji and I went out in the backyard to play. That is, he was playing, and I was sweeping the rotting leaves off the cement slab in the backyard (am I supposed to call it a "patio" though it's not much to look at?). My phone was securely in my back pocket. Next, I took out the hose and tried to wash off the patio. "Tried" is the operative word; the water pressure wasn't up to the task, so I had to give up, but not before Koji and I were both pretty wet and dirty.

We retired into the house, and continuing in taking care of business mode, I briskly stripped off our clothes and threw them into the washing machine and washed them. At the precise moment the wash cycle finished, Aogu said, "where's your phone?". For a nanosecond, I couldn't answer, and then the horrible truth came to me.

I drowned it in the washing machine.

Oh, the horror! The sorrow! The tears! I know, it's just a phone, but it was a very fancy, advanced phone that I wasn't feeling worthy of anyway, and my inability to keep it safe confirmed my suspicions. sniff...

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. I rushed off to the nearest Sprint store, assuming they would laugh at me and then tell me that I had no option but to buy a new phone for full price. I was wrong! The girl informed me that I wasn't the first to drown a phone, and that Sprint has a program which would allow me to have the phone replaced or repaired for a maximum charge of $55.00.

So, my phone and I are reunited. Hopefully this second life together will be a long and responsible one!

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Mom said...

I always love it when I discover one of your blog stories I had somehow missed.

I don't know how it happened but I missed this one. Wow, that is a very happy (could have been sad) story about your very fancy phone.