Thursday, March 23, 2006

Privacy and Cookingese

As a general rule, I don't shop at Jewel anyway. So the question of whether to sign up to pay for my purchases with the end of my finger (NOT a fingerprint, as Jewel insists in this story is one I don't have to answer for now. Phew.

In kitchen-related news, I learned that big food companies have to "dumb down" their recipes these days because folks no longer understand cooking terminology. Sad. I mean, not that I'm a master of cooking lingo. But this is the information age! If a person doesn't know how to or what "saute" is, can't he just look it up? Maybe that would be too much work? In any case, though I repeat that I am no culinary master, I did well on the culinary quiz in the story. What was your score?

P.S. Happy 37th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! Good work~


Mom said...

Jamie, I read a similar article. I mean't to send it to you. Did I? Anyway, that was very interesting about the dumb down approach.

I didn't think you'd approve.

Mom said...

Whoa, I would definitely NOT shop there. Good thing there are other choices like Aldi and Market Basket.