Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dessert Factory

So how do I keep busy while I'm in a self-imposed state of quarantine? I make desserts. Since Monday, I've made banana muffins, peppermint candied popcorn, white chocolate cherry cookies and the lemon meringue pie you see here. And though I am hosting a baby shower this Saturday, the theme of the shower is chocolate; therefore all these desserts aren't getting me ahead in the shower preparedness category. They may well be getting the numbers on my scale ahead though. Glass of water, anyone?

P.S. The lemon meringue pie was so-so. Not bad for my first attempt, I suppose, but then again, how do I know what LMP should taste like when I don't like it all that much?! So why did I make it? Well, I've had this thing for making meringue lately and I thought it would be fun to branch out from meringue cookies and applesauce with meringue cap. But it wasn't. Even when inspired by Maya Angelou. Tomorrow I'll be off to the market for three more pounds of apples.

picture taken with my new phone


Mom said...

Whoa. . .what clarity and great color in this photo! And what a cute little boy. So charming.

Loved this post. You know, I actually like LMP but just "like," not nuts over it or anything. Would loved to have been one of your "tasters."


Brad & Kath said...

I'd like some of your candied popcorn... where did you get your recipe for that?

Kudos for taking a not-so-fun situation and making lemon pie, er, lemonade. :)