Wednesday, October 08, 2014

WIWW--New Mirror

With gratitude to the friend who expressed interest in my thoughts and feelings, here's a warning: 

They may not come out much today!

Because after a very long hiatus *drumroll*
What I Wore Wednesday is back!

No more oval mirror. Yes, I miss it, and feel a little silly that I do. No more iPhone 3. Don't miss that.... 

This mirror, it must seem somewhat familiar, in this sense: it's from IKEA (excluding oval mirror, which was somehow a possession of Aogu's from his bachelor days, most of our furnishings have come from there). And, as was usual with oval mirror, this one needs to be cleaned. 

Anyway, on to the clothes. Now that I'm a kindergarten teacher, I would love to dress like Cassie Stephens. Not a joke! I just found her blog recently but in a short time I've become a big fan! 

Alas, there are four others in the house who need to wear clothes too. So I will be spunky or overly matchy or brightly colored, maybe not as much as Cassie, but at least as much as that perpetually towering laundry pile will let me. 

Here I have a burgundy? maroon? tunic (hate that word) like dress from the local second hand store with a long enduring knit cardigan from Uniqlo and a tulle skirt from Target. Socks I bought here, but you knew that, right?

Best picture here, thanks to this cute photobomber! 
It's unfortunate I didn't get a proper shot of my shirt because it says FLY TO THE BIG BLUE SKY IN HOPE or some such gibberish. Safety pin skirt from Target via my old faithful supplier, Salvation Army on Dempster in Niles.

Hoodie (hate that word too, it's a wonder I can talk about clothes at all) recently from Uniqlo, dress and skirt are old but peep top socks are newer and locally procured. 

Japanese chrysanthemum print trousers (that's right, don't care for that other word either, don't you know "pants" means underwear in the UK?!) from the beloved SA, long Tshirt from here and hoodie (*shudder*) from Target. On this day, my students kindly informed me that they don't like my glasses! 

"Local" outfit: dress from Titcaca, a fair trade store, leggings from Uniqlo and shirt from Seiyu, which is owned by WalMart....

Flower tunic (ugh, I better get over it or think of a new word) for F day in kindergarten, (leopard? cheetah? What's the difference) skirt, pretty sure from SA, knit cardigan from GU. Getting the cardi for 790 yen doesn't seem like such a great bargain now that it's falling apart after just a few wears. 

Can't think of if or when I've ever worn a vest before, this one was a gift from my MIL and ended up working out well over this dress from "SeiMart" or "WalYu" (what should I call WalMart owned Seiyu?). 

Zzzxxx, sorry to be abrupt but I have to hit the hay (literally, we have a tatami bed). 
Buenos noches!


Jane Lucas said...

All so cute! (Better get over that word!) Fun, upbeat, love the photo bomber, too! Thanks for sharing. Oh, peep socks! Only in Japan! xox

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Thanks, Mom! I accept all compliments, including "cute" :-)

Susie Cohen said...

These are awesome, Jamie! I love your sense of style.
You know the Salvation Army store moved to Oakton Street, and any time you want to come shopping you can stay with us. :)
Love that dress, is it really from a place called Titcaca? Can I google that or will my computer die of embarrassment...
Similarly, "F day in Kindergarten" sounds very funny to these American ears.