Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Non-Negative No

Barely edited musings about saying NO

I am NO good at, the saying of NO

Because NO is just so, you know, negative

And I don't want to be that but I'm finding out what most of you already KNOW

Which is, an utter lack of NO is a little too much yes, sometimes becoming yes to things I don't want, which is then actually and in fact a negative, that is NO

Following my mathematical equation?

Though I am the person who wants to do all the things and be in all the places but
crushes me to admit
I can't

If you wonder what this about, I'll give an example that is true:

(Recently I read something similar somewhere, I apologize to that person, I am not trying to steal what you said, what you said was just so universal)

Say yes to subbing, good, helps out the sub organizer and 
the teacher who has to be absent, Helps my wallet
But means NO to picking up my daughter from school (must arrange for someone else to do it, not bad but it's not me there for her) and NOt much time for the doing of house things....

All you people who are skilled at doing NO gracefully, advise me, please

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