Monday, October 06, 2014

New Typhoon Day

All day yesterday and through this morning, Typhoon Phanfone was in the neighborhood. School or no school is always the question when typhoons visit the area. Koji and Izumi go to one elementary school, Misaki goes to another kindergarten and I work at a third school. What if Misaki's school was cancelled but the kids and I had to go? one scenario I can't help worrying about. 
 Fortunately, school was called off for all of us today. Koji wasn't doing well after using all of his power and then some at Sports Day on Saturday anyway. So, an unexpected day off for most of us (Aogu sloshed off to work at the usual time) was a gift. 
So while I was lounging this morning, looking at my blog feed, I saw a friend's post that mentioned "Typhoon Donuts" and said she might be making them today. I've been reading this blog for a long time, so I actually sort of remembered the last time she talked about these. I was shocked to click through the link and discover that was four years ago! 

Having no other plan for breakfast, and actually having time, I decided to give them a try. It's hard to tell in the above photo, but the "sauce" (we like to call everything you can put on top of something else sauce, as in, "want some sauce on your salad?") is a mixture of cinnamon, sugar, coconut oil and vanilla. The instructions are to bake the donuts and then roll them in this mixture and serve warm. 

Koji and Izumi said they were good, but were satisfied with one each and then said they were too sweet. Misaki and I were up for seconds; in an attempt to show/teach restraint, I gave her another half. And then I ate another one when she wasn't looking. I am a horrible parent and I need to quit sugar. 

The wind and rain were heavy all morning but I actually ventured out pre-donuts to the nearest supermarket. If one arrives at nine right when they open, one, that is me, can grab yesterday's ground beef for half off. Hooray! I grabbed five packs today. Don't think me greedy, though. The packs are small, so five of them don't add up to three pounds!

Around noon, the wind and rain was gone and the sun came out! I would have liked to take us out to use up extra energy (sure enough, it took the kids forever to go to sleep tonight...) but Koji's condition didn't allow it, so we stayed in and cleaned up, just like every monday. 

How was your Typhoon Day? 


Laurie said...

you are not a horrible parent but I (always) think quitting sugar is a good idea!

Jamie Matsuoka said...

You are right about quitting sugar!!
And I always take reassuring words about parenting, arigato~~

Jane Lucas said...

I think you are a WONDERFUL mom. You are the best one your kids have!!

Jane Lucas said...

The donuts look good too! :-) Would love to have had one with you!