Sunday, October 12, 2014

New Restaurant

There's a TV show we like called  Cambrian Palace

It's an interview show and the interviewees are successful business people (mostly men, unfortunately). Recently they featured the founder and president of an inexpensive ramen and gyoza restaurant chain, Hidakaya.  I had been there before and wasn't that impressed. It seemed like typical, cheap, but at-least-by-the-station greasy fare. 

There we are, with a bunch of huge gyoza growing out of the side of my head. 

Anyway, I might be a sucker for marketing? The old guy president of Hidakaya was very compelling in his appearance on Cambrian Palace. Though he owns this multi-million yen restaurant chain, he rides the train everywhere rather than hiring a car. He also talked about his employees being his greatest asset. 

So when the girls suggested we go there today, I was OK with it! 

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