Tuesday, January 05, 2016

To the Doctor

Dear Dr. T, 
Thank you for being open today, January 5th. Last year at this same time, when I was suffering from the same affliction, you were still on New Year's holiday. 
It's hard for me to write this without coming across sarcastically, so I'll switch to question format: 
1. Why do you personally have to re-ask me each question on the "Have You/Do You?" form? Wouldn't that be a great way to occupy the two nurses that were standing there? 
2. Same for your notes, Doctor. Why not let someone else take notes? What do you do with those, anyway? Why such excruciating detail? 
3. Is it really helpful to prepare a detailed graph that shows how much hearing loss I'm experiencing? I came to you because I don't like this and want to change it. 

Well. Enough suggestions on what you could consider changing. In the end, you gave me antibiotics. Generally I'm opposed but this nasty double ear infection really has me down and out. 
Thank you, Doctor T
Your new patient, 
Jamie Matsuoka

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