Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Medical Leave

Thankfully my work place has made generous provision for illness. I had to take advantage of it today and it looks like I'll have to do the same tomorrow. I call this illness "head infection," although for that to be a perfectly accurate description, I'd need afflicted sinuses. Fortunately, all I'm dealing with is ringing near aftermath of a double ear infection and an infected right eye that gives me a monster face. Guess it's just too hard for me to hold back the sarcasm. 

The straight truth is, I'm pretty sick. My in laws and our friends the H Family were lifesavers today, taking care of the girls so I could rest. I tried to rest. I think I was somewhat successful. I took a short nap, I watched a documentary called "Angry Sky," and in fulfillment of a long time wish, I bought the TV series Firefly and watched the pilot episode. 

Enough about me, how is everyone else out there? I'm feeling disconnected! 

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