Monday, January 04, 2016

Cast Your Bread Upon the Water

When I was growing up in the 1970's, my parents, and therefore I, loved a Christian band called The Imperials. Ever heard of them? I think if given the opportunity, I could still sing all their songs. 
They had a song about casting your bread on the water, and it will come back to you. I don't recall being an extremely deep thinking child. So I would bellow along happily when the song came piping from the cassette player. 
I don't remember stopping to ponder--perhaps lacking adult cynicism?--how it would be possible for bread that would turn soggy and drown when waterlogged to then be returned to its owner in any kind of desirable state. 
In any case, here is the source of the song: 

"Cast your bread upon the waters,
    for you will find it after many days."
Ecclesiastes 11:1

Hm. I thought there was a clear connection between this verse and a story I wanted to tell. I'm not so sure now but I'll go on with the story anyway. 
When we were living in Skokie about four and a half years ago, I became very interested in healthy, natural eating. One result was that I started to make my own kombucha. I loved it. I never knew for sure if it truly boosted my health but I felt better about drinking it than standard soft drinks. 
When we came here, because the starter culture necessary to make kombucha is "alive," I assumed I couldn't bring it along. Since, I've scoured Tokyo for bottled kombucha, and/or someone who would share a starter. 
I actually got a starter from a friend several months ago, and I was/am excited to have it. But the brewing process is a bit involved in the front end and I just haven't gotten started. 
My point is, I was surprised, delighted and feeling like I had "found my bread" when I discovered this in Aeon Mall about a week ago: 

Just drank it tonight (hoping it would help with the nasty sickness hopping me) and it was delicious! In summary, I'm sure the connection is tenuous and far fetched but I'm going for it. Kombucha now reminds me of The Imperials.....

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