Saturday, January 02, 2016

Selfie Stick

So. My friend Chris says telling yourself "I did ______ and I'm amazing" will speed one along towards further accomplishments in life. 

Well, I bought a selfie stick and I'm amazing. 

And actually, it may well promote further accomplishments in my life. Because I frequently want to take photos of those I'm with. And I want to be in them, not for narcissism's sake, truly, but because I value WITH. If you and I were together at a certain place and time, it would heighten my experience to anticipate remembering that moment later. Got that? That sentence contained a bunch of time travel.... 

Anyway, thanks to Flying Tiger in Omotesando, I am now the proud owner of a pink selfie stick. Let the WITHness begin! 
Photo taken with Chris and S, with selfie stick