Wednesday, November 19, 2014

WIWW--Leg Coverings

Oh, hello!
Here I am to confirm my continued existence. This is turning into No Post November instead of the National Blog Frequently Month I had hoped for. 
Anyway, isn't it the pinnacle of boring for a post to elaborate on exactly how much blogging hasn't happened? 
On to the clothes, and to hoping (planning would be better than hoping, but me & Planning, we're not BFFs) for a different sort of week to come. 

On this day, I put on a thrifted dress and walked around in it for an hour or two as I was performing morning kid-herding (love my kids, but the AM rush truly holds similarities to trying to make a bunch of wooly mammals go to school). I decided it was a go. I sprinted to the front door, looked down to put my shoes on, and found the front of my dress covered with ???? It was probably water but I couldn't be sure. I was sure the large conspicuous  spots were on a level with kindergarten faces. There was nothing for it but changing to this randomness. Which actually was OK, considering the speed with which I assembled it. 
Saturday, for a mochi pounding event with Izumi's after school program. See below if you don't know what mochi pounding is. 
Sunday, for church and meeting up with friends visiting from Hawaii. I was foolish enough to go out like this, no additional coverings. And so I froze. Note to self, the days of bare legs are over for 2014, OK? 
A wiser me wears tights for school on Monday. But dumb me is still hangs around, preventing me from digging out my hats, so that my ears freeze when I'm on my bike. 
Lemons match orange, I know because it's citrus season. 
This outfit felt pretty pleasing, except I forgot to wear a neck covering to go with my lovely stripey "function of long johns but please pretend with me they are leggings". So, cold neck. Oh, and then there was the way the only other tulle skirt I saw all day was on one of my kindy students. Am I influencing their fashion, or is it the other way around? 
Discuss. Feeling some déjà vous like I've written this exact thing here before....
Bonn Nuit

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L Case said...

you are cute and i miss you.