Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Same Jellybeans as Harry Potter: a Photo Essay

My English conversation student did not know that we are very into Harry Potter right now. In fact, we are two-thirds of the way through the fifth book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
So God must care about details--thankfully, since I don't--because my student brought a bag of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans to class for me today anyway. She received them from her cousin, who recently visited Universal Studios Japan, where The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened this past summer. 
If you're not steeped in all things Potter at the moment, as we are, you may not know what these "beans" are. Let me introduce you, here's a quote from the source above: 
They are the same as Muggle jelly beans, except the range encompasses every flavour imaginable....There are ordinary flavours like chocolate, peppermint, and marmalade, but also less fanciable ones like spinach, liver, and tripe. There are also flavours that are not actual foods, like grass, farm dirt, vomit, earwax, paper and bogeys. 
Most of the Beans were not exactly delicious, but eating them was definitely an interesting experience! Surely making these is not the most useful application of modern science. Still, isn't it really amazing that someone out there knows how to combine chemicals to make a red jellybean called "Worm," and it somehow truly tastes like dirt and grass?
Have you ever tried these? What do you think? 
See below for our reactions!

from top left corner and going across: Snot, Banana, Worm,
Earwax, Green Apple, Marshmallow, Black Pepper, Barf, Rotten Egg, Soap

Blueberry, Sausage, Lemon Candy, Cinnamon, Cotton Candy,
Grass, Watermelon, Dirt, Sugar-Flavored Black Stuff (?), Cherry

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Denise Biggins said...

LOL!!!! so funny! We started a tradition about 4 years ago bringing a box of these to Christmas and letting people eat them. They know, but just not exactly what flavors they are picking. It is scary how true to life they are!! :( I only tried dirt, and it definitely tasted like it. Hannah is re-loving reading the series right now. She suddenly has an interest in trying Earl Gray tea. ;) great post.