Monday, November 10, 2014

What's Your Second Language?

My second language is Japanese. I would like to learn a third. I keep joking to the moms of the Korean kids in my class that I'll start studying Korean soon. 
Maybe I should stop joking and start studying..... look at this map of second languages around the world. 

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Which language would you like to learn? If you are even a little bit serious about learning another language, I recommend the blog Fluent in 3 Months


Heidi Lomborg said...

My second language is English. My first is language is Danish (and though my mom is Norwegian, it doesn´t count as second language, since these two languages are as close as dialects).

Susie said...

1st language = English
2nd = French
2.2 = Hebrew (only took a couple years, never got any conversation out of it)
3rd = Spanish, currently in Year One
I say, go for it! For me, French and Spanish are linguistic siblings. Isn't the same true of Japanese and Korean?

hadashi said...

1st language was English. next came Japlish. then i discovered sometime during/after college i was fluent in Christianese. then i married into learning German, which i command with the grammar-free grace of "winging it," esp. during early morning Skype conversations with my in-laws. currently i am astonished to find that my grasp and translation of Toddler-ese is quite good. oh yeah, i can read music too. ;)

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Heidi, if you can speak Danish, is it close enough that you can be understood in Norway? I didn't know that your mom is Norwegian!

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Susie, you're such a polyglot, that's great! Do you use Spanish at church? And does Hebrew give you insight when you read the Bible? Keep up the great linguistic work~

Jamie Matsuoka said...

Erika, you forgot to mention Humor/Sarcasm. Isn't that a Language?! Love all your fluencies~~ ;-)