Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Nostalgia for Chocolate

Lacking the vital ingredient, ENERGY (where have you gone, we used to be BFFs and now you are nowhere, energy, you traitor!), I decided to look in my drafts for something interesting to cough up at  pass on to you. Found this "historical" note, almost exactly four years old. Gives a brief description of my equally brief running life.... Also makes me wish most fervently that I brought the gray sweater with the rainbow on it that Erika and I bought together that day. Bad move*

from: http://www.chicagonow.com/pace-of-chicago/2011/10/tips-on-how-to-recover-from-the-chicago-marathon/

Now here comes the "throwback" paragraph:
[composed 11/7/10: Here I am with Erika, Laura and Elizabeth at the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K.  Alas, we never saw L and E again after this because they are real runners and did the 15K.  Still, Erika and I had a fantastic time; we surprised ourselves by running most of the way.  We weren't as surprised that we thoroughly enjoyed the fondue and the chocolate.  Last but not least, a bit of shopping on State Street... Though it was so cold that I never once regretted wearing bike shorts and long johns under my track pants, I mean, trousers, I would do it again in a second!  But maybe with a smaller bag, I did NOT need that giant backpack!]

*Bedtime around here is almost always hideous and utterly lacking in peace and grace. Which causes me to leak the remaining grace I may have right out of my body and become a ogress. I don't actually enjoy the feeling but 98.5 of 100 nights, but I feel incapable of humanity (any moms tracking with me?!). Point is, the other night, desperate to retain a shred of composure when I wanted to lose it, I made up a song/rap that goes like this:

Bad move!
That was a mistake

You would appreciate this more if I performed it live BUT life performance is not on my agenda right now....


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