Thursday, July 05, 2012

Independence Day and What Preceded It

Winters are pretty miserable in these parts by my standards. Which are rather wimpy for one who claims to enjoy snowboarding. Thus my policy: no complaining about the weather in the summer. Summer is the sweet season, therefore, I must take whatever it brings and relish it. Every summer I've spent in these parts has found me following said policy with ease. Until now. Because it is HOT. 100ish (38 C) with humidity. I know this is standard summer weather in Japan in August, but the sad truth is I haven't been to Japan in almost two years, and it's been eight since I spent August there. I'm just not tough enough?!
Making matters much, much worse: our main air conditioning unit is broken, leaving us with a teeny wall unit in our bedroom and one box fan. Why no, as a matter of fact, air in our house is not moving around. At all. Last night we finally wised up to sleeping in the basement. And bringing out the dehumidifier. So Happy Fourth of July! I am thankful to be an American, and I know well that is the reason I have the luxury of mentioning my heat-challenged feelings to you on a blog from my iPhone. So Lord Jesus, please take care of all those who are miserable with heat and for myriad other reasons tonight, and have no recourse. Amen.
Without further ado, to the photos, and a good night to you!

Misaki's rather accurate elephant imitation; last Friday at Koji's class playdate
Koji (in blue) and some of his friends at a park in Buffalo Grove
Thanks to our friends, the R Family, who sent us this "movie night in a box".  We love it!
At long last, all bike tires are pumped, and the trailer is dusted off; so on Sunday we ventured out for a bike ride and it was so exhausting for Misaki, she ended up like this
Self portrait at Lee St. Beach earlier tonight while we waited for fireworks, to document my lovely Japanese style neck hankie (used for wiping down my prolifically sweaty countenance) and also the shiner I'm sporting.  Can you see the black and blue knob on the right corner (left in this picture) of my chin?  It was super when I tripped and literally landed on my face yesterday.... 
Last but not least: eats!  Thanks to our friends the M Family and a wonderful Happy Birthday to their newly nine year old son N (we owe you a present, we are doofuses for not bringing you one today).  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, various salads and many great desserts.  I made this fruit salad: apples, cherries, peaches, strawberries and mangoes.  I mixed it with a light syrup of honey, lemon juice and cinnamon.  It was very tasty if I do say so~

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