Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sports Day

Koji's out of school for his summer break, as of this week.  As you may recall, he goes to a Japanese school, which runs on the standard Japanese educational (and business) calendar.  The new year starts in April and is sectioned into trimesters, the first of which runs through mid-July, as I mentioned.  Koji's summer break clocks in at close to exactly four weeks and is actually a bit shorter than many Japanese schools by a week or two.  The second trimester is September through December, followed by a couple of weeks off for New Year's (Christmas is not a big deal in Japan).  The third is shorter, January through mid-March, and is succeeded by a two or three--or in the case of Koji's school, four--week spring break.  And then the cycle starts again.
These are the shirts we wore to Koji's first Sports Day two years ago
One highlight of the first trimester of Japanese school every year is Sports Day.  It's held on a Sunday in early June and is always a whole school competition between the White Team and the Red Team.  This was Koji's third year to participate in Sports Day, but his first to be on the Red Team.  I have a rule that our whole family has to wear shirts in the color of his team, for solidarity.  So I was delighted, after two years of wearing white, which I abhor as a fashion choice, at the opportunity to wear a color that suits us (me?).  Koji was delighted that his team won!  In the aftermath, Aogu wasn't delighted to find himself thoroughly sunburned...
Ready to attack a bunch of balloons

Cheering squad--the cheer "competition" is very serious!

Celebrating with the victorious Red Team

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