Friday, July 06, 2012

Lacking Practice

Here I am, starry-eyed, on stage at karaoke last Saturday night.  Still more friends are moving away, one to Indiana and, you guessed it, two back to Japan.  I think I have more friends in Japan now then I would if I had been there these last 11 years?
Anyway, at some point I've surely expressed my distaste for American-style karaoke.  There you are, in front of a bunch of people you don't know, trying to sing a song you also kind of don't know?!  The horror!  Japanese-style karaoke is much more dignified.  If you can call a situation where you grab a mic and pretend to be Alanis Morissette without even drinking copiously as a warm-up "dignified".... it feels less intimidating to sing in front of one's friends, I guess.  For me, anyway.  
That's not a sufficient explanation of why I like it.  I'm not a great singer, I can't hit all the notes, remember the words, or harmonize (if I get a new talent in Heaven, I hope it's the ability to harmonize). There's something about singing that's so cathartic, though.  Do you feel that way?  
It's like, even when singing Ironic (pictured above), the feeling of belting it out is what God made me for.  Not that exact song!  But some kind of vocal expression~ praise for Him is a more likely prospect, but I have an unholy/improper suggestion: even the songs that seem to be not about Him, at Him, for Him or to Him can be for His praise?  Somehow.  What do you think?  Do you like karaoke?

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Jim Judd said...

Amazing! I sang Ironic on Tuesday night for karaoke. Great song. You've got the quite parts, and then you can belt out "It's Like Raayayain!"