Thursday, July 19, 2012


Have you read this book?
The author is a British man, now in his late 20s (maybe early 30s). He describes his life with Asperger's and the glimpse into his mind is fascinating.
I am most envious of his linguistic ability. I was under the (erroneous) impression that numbers are the primary specialty of people on the autistic spectrum. But Mr. Tammet learned Icelandic in just one week! Isn't that amazing? Becoming a polyglot is a dream of mine...
Oyasuminasai (Good night--because for now I'm just bilingual)!


JulieAnn said...

I've heard that numbers and languages are often linked. If someone is good at math, they are often gifted at music and foreign languages... Nonetheless, that looks like a really interesting book! :)

Posh Lady said...

Temple Grandin also writes books on understanding the brain of an adult with Aspergers. I think she's probably older than the author of the book you read - I'll have to check it out!