Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hunger Walk Induces Hunger

Saturday morning, along with literally thousands of others, we went down to the Soldier Field for the annual Hunger Walk.   It's a three mile fundraiser walk to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository and its affiliates (our church is one).   

I talked the event up to the kids for several days.  I also presumed (note to self, stop doing that!!) Aogu wouldn't want to go, so I didn't talk it up to him.  Then Friday night rolled around, and after the excitement of five nights in a row at Sky Vacation Bible School, I couldn't get the kids to settle down until after 10.  

Then, sure we wouldn't be able to wake up at 6 the following morning to get ourselves downtown on time, I emailed the organizer of the group of walkers from our church.  "So sorry, but the kids need sleep and we aren't going to make the walk after all".  

Again (note to self, stop doing that!), I underestimated my son of the uncannily accurate "stomach clock (haradokei)".  He sprang out of bed at 6 am and wasted no time; let us all know immediately, we must get up so we can get ourselves to the Hunger Walk.  See evidence photo below.  

With the help of our dusty double stroller and my trusty Razor scooter (vintage!  bought in Japan in 1998 for 15,800 yen!), we made it to the finish line.  The next day at church we heard this exciting news: our church received a $1000 credit from the Food Depository due to the size of the team of folks who walked.  

So thankful we could help, at least in some minuscule way.  Not as thankful for the moment that evening when Koji and Izumi said, "Mama, we didn't eat breakfast OR lunch today!".  HUH?  We did eat, but it didn't count because we were in the car?!  Or...?!  

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