Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach Debut

Happy Father's Day to my Dad, whose most recent fatherly in-person gift to me was teaching me to mix and pour concrete.  Which probably sounds sarcastic; I do leak sarcasm approximately 47.2% of the time.  Down from a lifetime high of 67.8%, achieved in the year after I graduated university.  
I utterly digress.  My dad is super hard-working, helpful, reliable, kind, funny and fun.  He has the most tricked-out garage of anyone I know, and I love that he plays the same games with my kids that he did with me:

"Pease porridge hot pease porridge cold pease porridge in a pot nine days old" 
(which is either totally disgusting, or actual ancient wisdom advocating for the nutritional punch of fermented foods.  we will never know)

I love you, Dad. 

Happy Father's Day to my husband, or perhaps I should say "Papa's Day," because that's what he is for our kids.  By the age of nine, I suspect a majority of Japanese kids have switched to calling their dads "Otosan," which is a little more formal, more like "Father".  But why would our kids address Aogu that way?  It just wouldn't fit.  He's very tender with them; when they get hurt, they run to him for sympathy over me.  He keeps them safe, makes them laugh and takes care of them in ways they don't know or understand.  Thank you for loving our kids well.  

I love you, Aogu.  

In celebration of Father's Day, we spent today as follows: 

batting cage (Koji & Aogu)

library (me, Koji & Misaki--
we had to check in on our summer reading program.  Koji's on fire for reading in English for the past week, ever since he figured out the library has Pokemon comic books in English.  Er, not the fine literature one might hope for, but I have to take what I can get)

(for Aogu's dream lunch and shopping)

tennis at the local court (me and Aogu, and 15 minutes of Koji--
and during which Aogu said my lessons are paying off, woo too!)

back home to change to swimsuits

beach (girls only, as pictured below) 

how was Father's Day for you and your dad/husband/brother/significant other?

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Laurie said...

How did you do that all in one day? Makes me tired just reading about it...