Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yukata Means Summer's Here

Cutest Girls Ever
So awhile back, not a couple days but months ago, a friend loaned us the shoes you see here on Izumi's feet.  The box the shoes came in is bright red and very ornate; of course Izumi had to know immediately what was inside.  When I explained I had borrowed the shoes from a friend for her to wear with her kimono, she said, "huh?  I have a kimono?".  Then I had to show her the goods and further explained my plan to have her wear them and be photographed.  
Super great, all except the part where I didn't make time to actual put the kimono (or is this a yukata?  Excuse my ignorance!) on her and snap the picture.  Not that day, or the next, or the next...
Meanwhile, with the same persistence I believed is mentioned in the Bible (somewhere!  I'm too lazy to go find it right now), she continued to ask me very regularly when I would put it on her.  
And so.  FINALLY I did, and thank the Lord (I mean it!), I had this pink yukata for Misaki to join the fun with.  Dressing them up and then retaining some photographic evidence was so fun and it didn't take that long.  
Note to self: Listen to the kids and say yes MORE.  I am the queen of saying no to them simply because what they are asking for isn't convenient for me at that moment.  I know I can't/won't/couldn't/shouldn't give them everything they want.  But our days are passing too quickly and I want to make them sweeter by flavoring them with YES.  

PS. Can you tell my Long Creative Project Group started up again tonight?!  I am infinitely grateful for inspiration and accountability.  And perhaps those folks would be interested in this little fact: before I wrote this post, I went into Google Reader and unsubscribed from a whole bunch of blogs.  If I have free time, I'd like to spend it here in my space and be free from other (written) voices echoing in my head.  

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Good for you! I'm looking forward to reading more...