Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is Primaleolicious?

This is a word that I invented to describe my new eating style.  By the way, I am still in process with my new eating style.

Take  something like "primal"

which also resembles "paleo"

set aside the minor problem that I don't believe in evolution

and there you have my grain-free (excepting the very occasional bowl of white rice), processed sugar and other processed food-free new food life.  

Which also contains a lot of coconut

getting a lot more sleep is apparently important for optimum primaleoliciousness too.  

so good night.  

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Jane Sinclair said...

We have the same diet! No processed food and sugar. I was doing keto before it became a trend but switched to a Mediterranean one because I wasn't into red meat. I've paired it with ITF - intermittent fasting. It works wonders! And yes to dark chocolate, cacao, ACV, and coconut. BTW, your link to coconut benefits is broken. This is another excellent post on how coconut oil can help with IBS, alzheimers, arthritis, and whatnot.