Wednesday, November 02, 2011

November First.  It's the beginning of that annual event, seemingly the only rear end kick that can roust me from my non-posting stupor on this here long-lived yet sadly neglected blog.  You know, that annual event.  The one that means so much to me, I can't remember what it's called.

So for lack of other direction, here's the scoop on us: 
our biggest event happened on the same day two months ago.  Aogu turned 40 and worked his last day at his corporate job.  We still intend for him to--God willing--rake in corporate bucks or some such approximation.  But we hope and pray he can do that while bossing himself in his own company.  At this moment, he has some good contacts, good leads, and great ideas, but no contracts signed.  

The past two months have been up and down.  In case the above wasn't sufficient to shake things up, we also had the following: 
  • we put our house up for sale.   which included FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS of cleaning and decluttering so our realtor could take photos.  and now still includes SIX STRAIGHT HOURS of tidying and cleaning each time we have a showing.  which we haven't had for two weeks.  
  • Aogu went to Japan twice, 10 days per trip, once at the beginning of September.  second trip ended yesterday.  so I'm sure I don't need to tell you he's asleep right now.  the key to surviving temporary single motherhood, for me, is well-planned weekends. good to know, extremely difficult to execute.  I digress. 
  • my MIL came to visit.  she was here for 17 days.  
  • we went to New York together.  believe it or not, it was my first trip ever!!  I know, right.  I'm good at putting out that "been there, done that" air, but it's simply not true.  for example, I've never been ice fishing.  
  • last and greatest, not really in a good way: I should have given birth to Koji's younger brother yesterday.  I wouldn't have, hopefully, because I never would have wanted my child's birthday to coincide with Halloween.  and so I would have asked everyone I know who prays to please pray that baby would come earlier or later, but not ON October 31st.  regrettable mistake for this time: I really wonder why, when I found out on March 1st, 2011 that I was pregnant, why oh why did I not immediately put my news out that and petition prayer for baby?  instead, I left him in Rome.  I will post that story another day.  
Because I think this is enough for today, since I will see you here again tomorrow.  Good night and thanks for reading!


Aliyah's Hope Chest said...

commenting as instructed.

tomlcain said...

Praying for the baby, Aogu's company, contracts ~ all seemingly due very soon :)

speedyhub said...

you do pull off the "been there done that" air very well. New York I understand... Tokyo, Chicago, why would you need to go to NYC? But ice fishing? I am surprised that have yet to cross that off the bucket list!! :)

Kathleen said...

Heartbreaking, Jamie. So much love to you.

Posh Lady said...