Saturday, November 12, 2011

Corduroy*--Not Just a Cute Bear in a Children's Book

So I understand and appreciate that today is Veteran's Day.  The below will make it sound as though I don't give a hoot about those who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom.  Not true, I am deeply grateful....

But I'm infinitely more amused that it's also National Corduroy Appreciation Day.

And this post would have more power if I had a photograph.  You'll have to believe me when I say, I wore my kelly green cords today.  I wish I had known about the three item rule.  I think I could have pulled it off.

*in the unlikely event that you've never heard of Corduroy, the bear mentioned in my title, here's a link. This is where I would normally say, "you're welcome".  I've seen many bloggers say that after they give out some kind of information.  Does anyone else find that annoying?!  Even if I give out information I find interesting, I don't know if it will be helpful to you or not, so isn't responding to your theoretical thanks a bit presumptuous?

Wow.  That was off topic.