Monday, December 03, 2007

A New Niece is Here!

CONGRATULATIONS to my sister, who gave birth to her third baby today. It's a girl, and her two older brothers are delighted, as Izumi will be once she's old enough to understand family dynamics (having a girl cousin to play with on family visits will be a lifesaver!).

Her name is Aliyah Ruth Case, and she weighs five pounds and is 19 inches long.

Thanks to everyone who prayed while Laurie was on forced bed rest in the hospital for the last week, and for your prayers for the delivery too. I won't presume to tell that story, but if you really want to know then check the link above (later--she hasn't time for things like posting on her blog yet!).

Here's Dad & Mom--now FIVE-time grandparents, impressive--with Aliyah. Another impressive thing is the way they took care of Ollie & Eli for the last week while Laurs was indisposed. I know they didn't mind doing it, but I still think they'll have a reward waiting in Heaven!

Aliyah Ruth, can't wait to meet you in person...

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