Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Party for Izumi & Daycare Kids

This fall I've had Izumi in daycare once a week while Koji's at school. Initially, it was so that I could meet with a student I was tutoring. Unfortunately, he's moved away, but Izumi's really seemed to have fun with Mary and the other kids at Mary's place. And with Aogu traveling so much, I definitely need to take a break at least once a week! So last week, Mary, who is much braver than I would be, had a Christmas party for Izumi and the other kids at the daycare. Keep in mind that three of them are her age (1 1/2), one is three, and the other is five months. Mary, I appreciate you!

To the right: in their five hours a week together, Mary's gotten to know Izumi pretty well. She gave her a box of two twin baby dolls, and I don't think Izumi has been parted from them since.


Jane said...

Jamie, Thanks so much for posting Izumi's Christmas Dress photo. I love it. She looks just as sweet in it as I imagines. The story of the daycare Christmas party is just precious, too. She looks pretty happy with her present all right.

Love you, Mom

Jane said...

Of course, I meant "imagined." The Bible says to think before you speak. I need to proof read before I press "publish your comment."

One of my problems (excuses) is that I do this way too late at night. I must be related to you!


Laurie said...

Her ears look pierced. Am I just seeing what's really not there??