Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Must Be Old 'Cause My Dad is 60

Dad's 60th birthday party went really well tonight. It must have, because we took so few pictures...and the ones we did take are on a camera that's not in my possession. If I get ahold of them, I'll post them here.

Anyway, it was an open house, and when it was all said and done, we decided that something like 56 people had been through, which really was only a small sample of those that know and love Dad. Our chili bar with rice and/or baked potato option seemed to be a hit, as was the chocolate cake (note to self, don't make ganache and try to put it on a cake immediately after, that just doesn't work).

Most important thing, I think Dad had fun. He didn't think he would, but I know that he did. Which he well deserved! Dad, you are a great guy--you probably don't want to live for 60 more years, but I wish you could, because you are doing well at getting a lot out of life. Keep it up...we love you!

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