Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Spiderman Invades Oregon!

Though Aogu's recently logged enough air miles to regain his American Airlines Platinum status, the kids and I haven't flown for almost five months. In June, when we went out to LA, Izumi was hardly walking and hardly talking. These days, she'd rather run--or at least attempt to--and though she still doesn't say many words, she's learned the communicative power of a shriek. Between these developments and the nasty cold that I caught from the kids two days ago (after holding it at bay for weeks!), I boarded our flight to Oregon today with much trepidation.

An hour into it, when we had already eaten our $11 worth of plane snacks, quaffed our free (but not for long? it's only a matter of time before we're charged for these too, I think?!) beverages and pretty much run through all the toys in the trusty Superman suitcase, I was ready to lean on the DVD crutch. Except that somehow, Aogu's laptop DVD adaptor didn't make it on board with us...this was quite a tragedy for me since I was super sleepy and I couldn't breathe through my nose, either, meaning I certainly wasn't feeling up for keeping the kids busy.

So thank God for the kindness of strangers! Koji decided to put on a little toy show, in which he displayed and explained every item from The Suitcase, for the ladies seated behind us. Miraculously, they were interested, or good at pretending to be so, for some little while. Once the show was over for them, Koji got the attention of Anika, a high-schooler from New York that was sitting across the aisle from him. She talked and played with him for more than an hour, until we were safely on the ground (with my eardrums intact! it's a miracle!) and into the Portland airport. Phew!

We went down to baggage claim, gathered our luggage, including our new suitcases and started out to the curb to wait for Dad. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was one of the ladies from the row behind us. In her outstretched hand was a "muscle Spiderman" costume that looked just Koji's size. Saying something like, "it was my grandson's and I was going to give it to my neighbor kid, but I think your son would enjoy it more", she gave it to us!

As soon as we got outside, Koji put it on. Now I wonder why I bothered bringing any changes of clothes for him; I have a feeling he's not going to need them!


clc said...

wow! fancy luggage. i'm envious as my cheap ones are actually falling apart after one year. i should have done more research!

anyway, we'll have to have a playdate with micah, noah and koji all wearing their muscle spiderman outfits. look out bad guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh baby, do I remember those trips! Whenever I find myself near a kid who has clearly run through both his/her toys and his parents' patience, I try and remember the days when I was the parents wrangling two or three kids by myself, and how much it meant to me when folks were kind to my kids and engaged them a little. God bless Anika and the lady with the Spiderman suit. How random is it that someone had a Spidey suit in her suitcase? Now there's something Koji can thank Jesus for!

hadashi said...

this sort of post makes me think:
1. how the heck did my parents do all those international flights with the two of us?
2. how the heck will we do that on international flights with the however many kids we may have?
3. how the heck would we ever survive this life without the kindness of strangers?

happy thanksgiving!