Friday, February 02, 2007

New Month For You Maybe

But as for me, per usual, I have tonnes (do you like British spelling? I do!) of catching up to do around here. Guess I'll just get further and further behind if I don't start somewhere. So here are a couple of photos from Koji's Christmas program:He was a member of the chorus. For him, that meant swaying and looking around more than singing. At least the bells around his neck were a somewhat musical contribution?

Target should be renamed "Black Hole"; theoretically still round in concept, but more accurately summing up the way money flies out of my wallet, never to be seen again, when I dare to enter. I've done worse than this Christmas outfit for Izumi, though. Even though her lower lip is nowhere to be seen, I think she looks very pretty!


Laurie Ann said...

SOOOO Cute! I think Izumi looks a little like Eli in this picture but I think it's just a baby look and not really that they look alike although that wouldn't be so terribly strange...

Mom said...

Kisses to all of you, esp. those little round cheeks belonging to
Miss I. xox