Sunday, February 04, 2007

Do The Right Thing, Academy

We just watched an excellent movie, Little Miss Sunshine. Don't be thrown off by the frequency with which the F word is used, and don't let the family dynamics dismay you. The point is, and I think I can say this without giving anything away, the family sticks together. And it's HILARIOUS!

Furthermore, it's even nominated for an Academy Award. It's been a long time since I was interested in the Oscars; after all, the nominated movies are usually not anything I've actually watched, or wanted to, for that matter. But maybe this time is different, since Little Miss Sunshine is in the running. Makes me want to cover all the bases, as far as best picture nominees go.

Let's see, I already saw some of The Queen as we were flying to Oregon last month. Close enough. Don't want to see Babel, now that more than one friend gave it a bad review. That leaves The Departed, which looks interesting and suspenseful. But it's not a comedy (I need funny, I want to laugh more and Little Miss Sunshine was just the ticket) and it's coming out on DVD on the 13th, so no need to rush out to the theatre.

Ha! I say that as if I rush out to the theatre all the time, when in fact I can count on one hand the number of movies I saw on The Big Screen last year...and one of them was Cars. Sidenote, Cars should definitely win the Best Animated Feature Film category.

Letters from Iwo Jima, however, looks worth the colossal effort it takes for us to get out to an actual movie theatre. It's in Japanese, after all! Guess this will have to be a to be continued entry, to which I'll add the second installment when (not if, when. Positive thinking!) we've seen the movie and can give an informed opinion. I suspect even if it's a heart-wrenching extremely well made drama of a show, I'll still want Little Miss Sunshine to eclipse it!


Jamie Lynn :) said...

you have no idea who i am nor do I really have any idea who you are. I just really needed someone to talk to. so I googled "jamie's blog" because my name is also Jamie. Your blog made me smile so I knew you were the one i could talk to. I am not expecting anything back from you I just needed a place to vent.
I am 23 years old and I have almost everything that I could ask for. I have a college degree in social work, an amazing boyfriend who wants to marry me, great friends, a stead job (i hate it though), good family support and through all of this I am so completely misrable. I finally went and saw a therapist and all she did was talk to me for a while and put me on some anti-depressents. I dont think they are working though. I am to scared to go tell my doctor too. It took me a long time just to tell my parents. I am always seen as the strong one that never has any problems, that has everything perfect. I HATE being that person. I think that my depression is getting worst and I dont know where to go. It scares me alot. I am sorry that I am venting all this to you a perfect stranger but I dont feel like I can tell the people around me, i dont know how serious they will take me, after all I am the perfect one! i am sick of being sad all the time, i am sick of the person that i am becoming, i feel like i am losing the people around me and they dont even know, i am sick of taking anti-depresent meds that arent even helping me, i am just sick of having to pretend all the time. My heart is heavy and it just cant take it anymore. I do want to resure you that I am not suidial and in no way am i going to harm myself. I just needed to get it all out. I thank you for listening. I wish you and your family the best. Someday if your children call on you make sure you go the extra mile to make sure they know they can ALWAYS tell you anything no matter one. It would be so much easier if I could be telling my mom this instead of a stranger.

Mom said...

Well, now that the awards are past, it looks like they did the right thing?


Mom said...

Jamie Lynn, I'm Jamie's mom. I live in Oregon. I was so touched by your note. I'd love to chat with you, maybe via email. I do understand completely how easy it is to reveal what's really going on inside to a stranger.

I have a new email address. It is
j a n e a n n 48 at c o m c a s t. n e t. Of course, close up all the spaces. Hope to hear from you.