Friday, February 16, 2007

Employee Discount?

In an attempt to deal with the nasty weather (you think people who live in Chicago always complain about winter, but this is legit! it's been the coldest first half of February in SEVENTY YEARS) I took the kids for a mall-walk today. As if I can walk through the mall without going into a store; I admit it, I can't.

So we're in Old Navy, where I was lured by the Kids + Baby Sale. As always with being in any store, it's one eye on the goods and the other out swiveling for signs of Koji-induced ruckus and havoc. Fortunately, he was right next to me when he took interest in a wheeled stair contraption, which sported a big sign that said "Employees Only" next to a graphic of a person falling overset with a giant red NO circle. Here's how the conversation went:

Koji: I want to climb on this, Mama!
me: no, Koji
Koji: Why?!
me: Because that sign says it's only for people who work at this store.
Koji (while picking up stray socks and hanging them on a display): But I do work here, Mama!

Anyone need access to an employee discount?


Mom said...

This child can "think on his feet!"

:-) Great story!

clc said...


that is too funny.

that reminds me of noah saying to the burger king lady at the drive thru who handed him his toy, "you have the best job in the world."