Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brain-Sharpening All Around

So I guess I need to work on my math skills (no surprise!) since today is actually Izumi's 3/4 year birthday, not last month, as I had erroneously claimed. Eight months out of twelve made her 2/3 year old, right?! The really sad thing is, it's taken me nearly the whole month to work this out, even though I had a nagging feeling that something was wrong.

OK. Now that she's nine months old, what should she receive for her birthday but a giant head bump? I was going to diagnose her with some kind of hematoma because it sounded fun to say, but when I went to read about them I was completely freaked out by the words "serious brain injury" and I gave up. As I was getting on to saying, she fell on her head today. Now that she's been pulling to stand for a whole month, I was overly confident in her balancing skills and left to her own devices at the edge of the train table. The formerly mentioned giant head bump was the sad result.

And I know I'm reading into way too much, but it feels a little bit like a pride goes before a fall thing, literally, in that I've felt so happy with her nice round head! True confession, now I am letting out the vanity that I've projected onto my children.

Possible action steps:
1. Get helmet for Izumi
2. Confess to Jesus re: this sin of vanity
3. Figure out sudoku, since I obviously need a mental tune-up

P.S. This is meant to be about Izumi, so I'd better note that she's finally started sprouting teeth! The bottom two have finally made their appearance, which I've taken as a sign that she can eat anything we eat as long as it is cut into eensy weensy bits...? Also, she likes to say "mama," though it's hard to know whether she just likes the sound of it or is actually trying to get my attention. It goes without saying that my money is on the latter!


SamErika said...

Hey Jamie, I got some sudoku books if you want to practice? :-)

Mom said...

I had actually noticed the "math" think, too but let it slide in and out. A month for a baby is a big deal, for a grandma-type, its a blink.

Congrats to Izumi on officially reaching 3/4. Teeth! yeah! Can't wait to see them. By May, she'll probably have four!

Love and hugs to all of you and may Izumi's bump be gone soon.

Jess said...

Jamie, you're hilarious.