Sunday, January 14, 2007

3/4-Year-Olds Can...

That's right, Izumi is eight months old today. Unbelievable. Sappy mom thing to say, but it's simply true: the second baby grows up WAY too fast. I know, it's not like she's going off to get her driver's license tomorrow. Nevertheless, I truly feel that the first eight months of her life have gone by much more quickly than the first eight months of Koji's life did. Maybe it's just that I'm not so freaked out by everything that happens. Not that I'm an expert on taking care of a baby now, because I'm not, for sure (and that's why she still wakes up two or three times per night!). I just feel more able to enjoy watching her grow, and since I'm enjoying it so much, I wish the whole process would slow down a bit!

Exhibit A~as if she somehow knew that today was a life marker kind of opportunity, here she is pulling to stand for the first time:

Here's a back view, which allows for admiring not only her standing prowess but also the fun and attractive bald spot she keeps up by rubbing her head vigorously on whatever surface is available when she's sleepy.

Last but not least, here she is enjoying her accomplishment:


Shanel said...

Your daughter is simply beautiful!

Mom said...

What a precious post. I couldn't agree more. . .she growing up way too fast. Such a little doll.

Sappy Grandma