Saturday, January 13, 2007

Make Your Summer Plans Now

Though 25 degree weather is not ideal for rock climbing (I say, as if I know much of anything about rock climbing, though I have tried it before) it wasn't bad for taking in the view at Smith Rock today. My sister and family vowed to return during the summer. I'd like to take the same vow, but there are SO many things I want to do, I better sort them out before I started making promises. Guess there are still a few 25 degree days with which I can plan for warmer weather.

Picture taken with Aogu's new Katana (you're right! you can't take a picture with a sword, but I didn't name Sanyo's newest phone)


Cindy Nicholson said...

Hmmm. Not the green-and-snow-covered mountains I associate with Oregon. Clearly I have not ventured much past Portland in my limited explorations. I don't know about an entire summer vacation (fat chance), but if God and American Airlines drop some frequent flier miles on my head with which to visit Chris at George Fox, I might see if I can manage a side trip to this neck of the woods. So much to see, and only 4 years to do it!

Mom said...

Was I ever excited to see your two posts from 2007. You just left this morning and I says to myself, "Nay, how could she do it? I've been with her these last 12 days -- loved every minute -- and behold, this reward for checking in to 'formerly. . .' "

I love you and your precious family, my dear, dear daughter. Thanks for the great visit. And sorry to get so mushy, just can't help myself. xoxo

Kim Duckworth said...

Hi Jamie,

It is your long lost cousin Kim...I really enjoy your Blog. Sorry I have been so bad at keeping mine up to date...I have also recently started a PRIVATE myspace page which is much more condusive to keeping in touch conversationally with friends who live far away. Anyway, I would love to try keep in touch more with you and Laurie - take care!