Friday, January 26, 2007

Familiar Story, Surprise Ending

Yesterday was a super busy, but I confess not atypical day. This is what I did:

Dropped Koji off at school
Stopped back at home to pick up forgotten items
Swung by mailbox, inserted letter
Returned item at Target, bought replacement items and then some
Delivered dinner to friend who recently had a baby (Welcome to the world, Lily Kathryn!)
Went to church for pre-schoolers playtime, chatted with friends
Picked Koji up from school
Visited another friend at home, had lunch, caught up, only had to break up two? fights between Koji and Ben
Hauled us over to a western suburb for a birthday party at Jack A. Claes Pavilion, which has a great carousel and indoor play area (Koji rode the carousel by himself for the first time!)
Made a final stop at Mitsuwa, where we met up with Aogu for some ramen (now that Aogu is working in Schaumburg, he'll never eat American food again!)
Rushed home to get kids in bed

The point of this list is to show you that I'm certifiably insane...I mean, to lay the background for the little incident that follows:
I hustled Koji in bed, and when I shut his light off, he wanted to read a book. I said that we weren't going to do that because it was too late, but because he seemed ready to throw a huge fit, I compromised and said I would just tell a story. So he named several friends and himself as characters that should appear in the story. But I wanted it to be a Bible story, so in Veggie Tales fashion, I thought it might be OK to change things up just a tad. So I started in on the story of the feeding of the 5,000, thinking it would be perfect to put Koji in as the boy who shares his lunch.

Bad idea. By the time I wrapped up the story (and I'm sure reading a book or even two would have been faster!), though I tried to reassure him of Jesus' good intentions, Koji was left sobbing, "Jesus took my lunch! Jesus took my lunch!".

Please pray for the spiritual formation of my son.


Shanel said...

Oh, Jamie! That is hysterically funny. I will pray for the spiritual formation of your son...I am sure he will be just fine. Good try.

I didn't hear Aogu got a job! Fantastic.

love to you.

Julie said...

I'm sorry, no comment other than lots and lots of laughter here. That is so cute!

Brad & Kath said...

That's hilarious. Poor kid. Sharing is pretty traumatizing, I suppose. Especially if you had a lunch big enough to feed a whole crowd, and you thought you were going to get to keep it for yourself.

At least you're not singing, "Do Lord, oh, do Lord, oh, do you remember me?" Yours was a biblically accurate thing to teach. :)

Mom said...

Ok, so here's the deal. I check your blog site SEVERAL times a day and, what is this? There are already three comment to this post!?!

Joining in the hysterics. It surely is a "laugh out loud" tale.

Bless you, my grandson. I know someday, you'll know that it is a PRIVILEGE if Jesus takes your lunch.

Love and hugs from Oregon.

Rich said...

Oh, Jamie! This is indeed a laugh-out-loud story. I do have to confess that I may have something to do with his request for you to tell a story where he names the characters. You see, a while ago I began telling him and Calli stories where they get to name the characters – usually their friends or people they know. The stories always have happy ending about eating ice cream or cookies, and with no one taking fish and bread from you. I am still picturing Koji being genuinely sad about the ending...LOL!

Marti said...

Oh my goodness, that is classic. You should submit that to Reader's Digest and make some money on Koji's trauma.

Hilarious. Still laughing.