Thursday, July 06, 2006

Turns Out I'm MOLIB

So I was saying ages ago when I last posted that I'm "MOIB," that is, Mother of Insomniac Baby. Poor baby! Turns out she is probably Lactose Intolerant Baby instead. To think of all the cheese and ice cream I was pumping into her little system! The "we all" in "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" apparently doesn't include Izumi. She might put "because of" in place of "for" there...if she could speak English.

Anyway, this is by no means a medically verifiable diagnosis, but it's been a little more than a week now since I went truly dairy-free (before that I went off milk but that was half-hearted as I don't drink much milk anyway) and little Miss Izumi seems to be crying a lot less and sleeping a bit better.

The magical swaddle blanket you see her modeling here is helping too, I think. She can really get her arms and legs going (remember, this is the baby that had her umbilical cord knotted and three times around her neck!) and I think her flailing limbs prevent her from settling down when she's not wrapped up in this blanket. It's still not always easy to get her to sleep, particularly in the evening, but once she is asleep, she's doing well at staying asleep for at least three or so hours at a time. Praise God! Hallelujah! Other exclamations of Joy and Relief!

P.S. BOTH of my children are sleeping at the same time right now. It's a marvel.


Cindy N said...

Oh yay! I am so glad that Little Miss Out-of-Sorts had a reason for her protests. We will keep praying that she just settles more and more in to her body and continues this nice trend of sleeping. As for the magical swaddle blanket, well, it worked swell for 5, count 'em 5, Martens babies (and zero Hanawalt babies, but there ya go, every kid is different). And some day when Izumi is a gorgeous, long-haired, doe-eyed 18 year old with her father standing at the door with a shotgun beating the suitors off, you can tell some desperate mom with a wailing baby about the wonders of the Magical Swaddling Blanket :-)


Shanel said...

oh those days aren't very far off for me...i remember the evenings. God bless you, Jamie, is all I can say. Well done on getting both your youngins' to sleep at the same time.

Brad & Kath said...

Hooray for three hours of sleeping time! My heart goes out to you. As a non-parent, I just can't imagine how exhausting and frustrating it has been for you. Congrats on the no milk diagnosis! We'll be praying for more wisdom like that whenever you need it! Now, is Aogu doing the no-dairy thing, too, just for sympathy's sake? :)

Jessica said...

Jamie, I am so glad to hear that you are having some relief...along with Izumi. I will be over soon for more time with you!!

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Mom said...

What is that anonymous comment doing here!!?? Is there a way to "delete?"