Thursday, July 27, 2006


Lately we've been pretty mobile, which I consider something of a feat as I'm still getting used to my life as mother of two. Some days, I wonder if we are too mobile? What I mean is, if I want to see someone, I'm almost too eager with volunteering to go to them. Koji knows this, and so every day--literally!--when he wakes up he asks, "tabete kara doko iku no?" which means, "after we eat, where are we going?"

I'd like to have more people come here more often. Some friends hearing me make such a statement might laugh, since I do have a reputation for hosting events. But I don't mean that I want to have more events here (though I'm not actually opposed to that either). What I mean is, I want people to feel really welcome, like they can come here freely and stay for awhile, without an appointment even.

However, in order to make my home one that says, "come by anytime," I suppose I would actually have to be here, for starters. And I'll have to be more pro-active about inviting people over. Which means that I'll have to make phone calls. I don't like to make phone calls.

But there's usually something bitter mixed with the sweet, right? For example, the weekend before last, we finally realized our four year old dream of having a dishwasher put into our kitchen (thanks, Ivan, you did a great job!). I've since realized that now I don't have to wash the dishes, but I do have to wipe some of them before I put them away. The process is not as hands-off as I had hoped...but it really is fabulous to push a button and walk away instead of hours of scrubbing grimly at grime.

In any case, what I'm trying to say is, if you are in our neighborhood, or even if you're not, please come by for a visit. If this invitation isn't enough, please leave a comment and let me know how I can magnetize you!


Ricardo said...

Magnet = rice + jamie's mouth-watering chilli + goose island root beer + a sword fight with Koji...yeah, that would do it! JK, of course! From now on we will make every effort to swing by Central Park just to see if you are in... so, see you in a couple of hours.

Brad & Kath said...

Congratulations on getting a dishwasher!!! That's wonderful!

We don't use the "heat dry" feature on ours as it uses a lot of electricity, but if you open it up when it's finished in the evening and let it sit open over night, the dishes are usually fully dry in the morning.

And I would love to just stop by. A bit too long of a drive for now, though. :)

Laurie Ann said...

You can magnetize me by moving to my neck of the woods!

Mom said...

I'm magnitized in my heart everyday!