Saturday, July 15, 2006

Productive Party Girl

For the second Friday in a row, I went out with no kids! This time, my destination was a much-anticipated Indigo Girls concert at
Being at Ravinia with my lovely friends Nadia, Jessica, Katie and Jennifer (so sorry they aren't pictured here; I failed to get good shots of them)was awesome! A couple of downers did mar the evening slightly, though. One was, I forgot my water and Diet Coke at home and nothing to drink. So here I am making the best of it with a glow-in-the-dark cup that used to contain a virgin margarita.Jess and Nadia didn't go thirsty, what with the gin and tonic in their Nalgene bottle. And I decided it would be OK if I quaffed a bit of wine with the ladies; see below.
All this obsession with being well-hydrated was misplaced when I realized a few hours into the outing that I needed to either feed Izumi or have a tryst with my breast pump. Yeah. It was not a good scene. I even seriously considered leaving the concert midway through, that's how uncomfortable I was. Alas, Metra can't be bothered to send any trains by Ravinia station mid-concert. So I HAD to stay to the end...and I'm glad it worked out because though I was in pain, it wasn't anything permanent. Now I have those great memories of squishing into the home-bound train with many concert-goers who took their mid-concert hydration WAY more seriously than we had. Seriously, it was very cool to be in the middle of a whole park full of people all singing along to "Galileo". Let's do that again next year, ladies, all except the part where I don't have my lactating self under control. Good idea.


Mom said...

Nalgene bottles! One style says it is "A sip at the hip." Very clever tag line. :-) I'll have to get one. xox

Jessica said...

I am totally in next year...what a great night with good friends. :)