Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Silence"--An Illusion

So you might consider me "silent," since I haven't been doing well with posting lately.

I wish.

Let me clarify; I've been relatively silent. It's my kids who don't get the concept, and Izumi especially. Who knew that such a small body could make such loud noises, and by noises, I mean SCREAMS...

Therefore, I am giving myself a new title and putting some letters in after my name since I don't know if I'll survive this small kids phase of my life and move on to something easier like grad school. Let my new title be "Jamie, M.O.I.B."

It would be kind of amusing to have you guess what this means. But I'm too impatient to wait to hear from you so I'll just tell you that it is

Mother Of Insomniac Baby

I love my new baby dearly, she is sweet and precious and a gift from God, and I feel these sentiments much more strongly during the 10 minutes or so per day that she is awake and not crying.

At the moment, I'm breaking my own rule, which is "no sleeping in the car seat in the house (unless we just came in from the car)" because that's how desperate I am to break this bout of insomnia. I'm pretty sure that she's pretty much been awake since 11 oclock this morning with just the occasional catnap, nothing longer than an hour for sure.

I don't mean to complain. These are the facts about my life right now. I'll keep you "posted" (haha, see how poor my humor is after I've been worn down to my last nerve?) on the status of my new title. Better go drink something, my only hope now is to nurse Miss Izumi into a stupor, make that a stupor of deep sleep please God...

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Anonymous said...

Dear M.O.I.B,

You are completely natural human being !