Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doing the Right Thing

So according to this article from today's New York Times, I'm doing the right thing several times a day (and more at night) when I breastfeed Izumi. It's reassuring to hear that scientists and doctors are backing me up on this. Not that I was thinking of quitting, especially now that we are more or less over the rough start we got off to when Izumi had to spend the first 30+ hours of her life in the ISCU (Infant Special Care Unit) and away from me. But, since it's not always easy to stop what I'm doing so I can sit and feed her, it's good to know that the time and effort is well worth it. Besides, how can I resist this face (even if she is losing the hair off the top of her head at an alarming rate...)?!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, Rachael Ray visited my hometown sometime recently. Who knew that one of the biggest art museums in Oregon is right there or that anyone can eat in Willamette's cefeteria? Schedule your visit soon, and let me know so I can go with you!

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Mom said...

Jamie, You're SO right. Who could resist that sweet little face. I miss you, Izumi and love you to pieces!

BTW, the $40/day show wasn't on here at the same times as your airing. Too bad.

Kisses to I. and K. and you, too.