Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Sodor in Our Backyard

Koji's birthday party was exactly one month ago. It was also exactly a week before Izumi was born, so I'll just go ahead and let that be the reason I didn't post these pictures earlier.

Here's the cake. More views of the cake and a short story of why it looks this way can be found on my other blog, which is where I speak when I have something to say about food.

Our backyard mid-party, in this shot, looks deceivingly idyllic. In fact, we had some 30 adults and what seemed like nearly that many kids here. Yes, I invited all those friends of mine (I mean, Koji's), and yes, once they showed up, though I was happy to have them I was a little overwhelmed!

The chaos was somewhat tempered by MUCH help from two lovely Megans (not pictured) and Jim (pictured here), a fabulous and versatile hamburger/hot dog/barbeque chicken chef. In case I haven't said so already, thank you so much!

Koji might never have made it through that mountain of gifts without the help of his cute assistant, Ashleigh. That's not true, actually; though he is now enjoying ALL of the gifts, on party day he was all about opening and opening. As soon as he had seen one gift, he would say, "'Nother one!".

All in all, it was a fun party for us and for Koji, too, I hope. Now that we had a Miffy theme for his first birthday, sports theme for his second and Thomas for his third, I'm already wondering what we'll do for his fourth. I better cross that bridge when we come to it; he's already growing up too fast!

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Mom said...

Wow! What a wonderful birthday report! Loved it all. . . but especially love that charming three year old!
xox Grandma Jane