Saturday, June 25, 2005

Scholarly Reader, heh heh

So I'm patting myself on the back because I've just finished reading His Excellency George Washington by Joseph Ellis. Reasons for patting myself on the back:
*Though reading to learn is admirable and I often think I should do it more, mostly I read to entertain myself. Therefore, "self-help" books and almost all non-fiction, including even most biographies of interesting people do not rate high on my reading list. So I'm proud to have made, and even enjoyed, an exception to my rule.
*Most of this book, which is a heavy hard-cover, was read by flashlight, in my ongoing nightly attempt to keep this room (mostly) dark and quiet so Koji can go to sleep. The times I read it in bed, the flashlight was wedged between my chin and left shoulder, and the book was held aloft in a manner that felt like strenuous arm exercise after awhile.
*This is something of an extension of one and two above, but when I packed up the book to bring it here, I wondered if I would actually read it. Phew. The space in my suitcase was worth it!
What will I read next?
I'd like to think I'm going to read a Japanese book, but no matter what kind of entertaining fiction I might choose, it would still violate Reason Number One above. Reading in Japanese is possible for me but not really easy, more like studying as I have to look up quite a few words as I go along. So.
I have a few books here that I haven't read, and I should just choose from one of those, but that's so boring. Any recommendations?


Laurie Ann said...

If you haven't already read The New Dare to Discipline NOW is the time. I'm reading it now and already feel better equipped to discipline Ollie. If you don't have it I can send you a copy.

LaurieAnn said...

My recommendation is that you visit a chiropractor after all that chin holding of the flashlight! xox, MOM Plus I can't remember my blag registered name and password so this is going to say that laurieann said, but its really ME, your mother. ARG this new wave of communication can be frustrating. I almost can do it and then a snag rises up to remind me that I really don't know how to do it all that well afterall.