Friday, April 13, 2012

Where Did Wednesday Go?

Oops! Aogu's in Japan again this week and it's silly but I can't keep the time here straight 'cause I'm so busy constantly calculating what time it is there. Which should theoretically help me do things earlier since it's 14 hours ahead there. Busted. Oh well, on with what I wore:
Last Friday some friends came over to celebrate Misaki's 3rd birthday.  I snapped this after the party and therefore I was trying to hide my dishevelment with balloons.  As for where these clothes came from, well, I snagged the printed shirt at the Goodwill recently.  The LS shirt and tights are from Target, the skirt was also a thrift shop find, and my trusty purple wanna be ugg s are from Kohl's. 

Saturday was more birthday stuff, this time we went as a family to Pump It Up to celebrate some friends.  My Doc Marten mules and the trousers are secondhand, black shirt is heat tech from uniqlo and the Tshirt is Old Navy.  I guess you can't quite see it but I'm trying to show you my owie.  Even (so-called?) adults have to do that sometimes.  Yes, I slid down at Pump It Up headfirst, which is not allowed.  Then I was promptly "punished," losing a big patch of skin off my right elbow right through my shirt.  I wouldn't bring it up but I'm typing this five days later and it still hurts. 

Easter: Jesus is Risen, Indeed!  Goodwill dress, Old Navy tights, Kohl's for the sweater and shoes (which are barely hanging in there, I must remedy my sad black shoe situation). 

On Monday I noticed my three previous outfits seemed to have a similar color scheme so I tried to break out by wearing orange.  Look at my fancy sleeves! The left side of my "tunic" (hate that word, it's so medieval squire) was a little too short for my leggings but I was too lazy to try and rig some kind of skirt.  So the sad truth is, I spent a good chunk of the day with my coat on.  In my defense, it truly was colder than anticipated...Goodwill top (note I avoided the dreaded word, though I don't like "top" much better), Uniqlo leggings and Nike outlet shoes. 

Tuesday Izumi was recovering from a low fever and it was also our last day to be lazy at home.  So at three o clock in the afternoon I put on the outfit you see here in order to make a trek to Target.  I'm feeling a little love hate about Target lately, but I can't dismiss this fact: more than 50% of my socks come from there.  As do the ones pictured.  And my shoes.  And that red tank top.  Grr.  But the culottes (another hideous word...) and the top are second hand.  This outfit also served me as I met with my book club so we could all discuss how much we hated the book we tried to read.

Yesterday, lo, the day I should have put this post up, I busted out my new pink wanna be ugg s.  They're not in the least bit elegant, but really, is elegant what I'm after most of the time?  Maybe it should be...anyway, my feet were very warm but I was also dismayed at how dirty these boot are after just one day of wear.  I guess I have to wipe them off and spray them with waterproofing stuff.  Or something.  Jeans are from Costco, sweater from Old Navy, heat tech from Uniqlo, scarf is a present from a high school friend, and I think she gave it to me in high school?

How was your week?

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Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

Jamie you are just adorable. I LOVE that you still wear orange! You are so daring! :) Nice finds- you got some great thrifted stuff. I'm not sure how I feel on "tunic". I always think of Samuel in the bible..... ha ha.