Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recycling Mona Lisa

Good bye Mona Lisa. 
I will miss you a little, but not as much as you perhaps deserve.  For one thing, the "you" in this instance not so credible.  You are actually an unsolicited educational print we received in the mail from some company wishing to tempt us to sign up for monthly deliveries of this sort of "art." 
For another, Koji thinks you are creepy.  Sorry, Mona (or is it Lisa?  I've never sorted what to call you on a casual basis, and now I suppose I never will).  You have to wonder, and I do even if you don't, about your eyes that somehow seem to follow your viewer across the room.  Were they perhaps JK Rowling's inspiration for the moving paintings so commonplace in Harry Potter's world? 
I wanted to keep you and use you to teach the kids things like: Paris and Louvre and Jesus' Mama and Leonardo Da Vinci.  I haven't lost faith in you, Mona, after all, you've been around since the early 15th century (or what century does one call the year 1503? I'm confused). 
It's not you, it's me. 
I'm the one who's great at seeing potential and much less great at realizing it.  So please forgive me, but for these and myriad other reasons, I have to put you in the recycle bin and let you go.  As people love to say to one another, but I really truly mean it: 
"Let's meet again in Paris".    

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laurie said...

nice but what i was hoping to see was a fashion show. where is this weeks WWIW post???