Monday, April 02, 2012

A Day Behind, No Fooling

In the spirit of April Fool's Dayirony (here's something to cook), I will confess this truth:

I often "don't have make time" to write on this blog because I am too caught up in reading other blogs.  It's honestly gotten to the point where I don't/can't read books any more, etc.  So maybe I should scale back the number of blogs I've got in Google Reader?  THIS IS NOT A JOKE.  I NEED HELP.

One of my favorites is Sorta Crunchy.  These are some ways I've felt compelled to copy Megan (perhaps I can't help myself because I'm also an ENFP), and I hope she is flattered rather than annoyed:

  • WIWW (scroll back to a Wednesday if you don't know what that is)
  • Once Upon A Time (further comments below)
and now,

  • What Are You Into this month, in which I talk about what I was into this month, but really means last month, 'cause I don't know yet what I'm into this month, seeing as it's the first and all. 

OK.  So, reading, um, The Forgotten Garden was the book I read most recently and that was probably in February, whatever.  Though it's not a style appealing to everyone, I enjoyed the way the story skipped around in time and challenged me to figure out who was connected and how. 

I'm also trying to read the Bible in 90 days with the reading plan portion of my app from You Version.  I've had to reset it several times already--God's grace is built into the plan in the form of a button in the settings called "catch me up," so I'll be closer to 150 days if I stay on track this time.  Though it's 12ish chapters of plowing every day (feels that way sometimes when it's lists of who was in whose clan, etc) I'm loving the daily reminders of God's amazing attention to individual lives while He simultaneously carries out His purposes.  Amazing. 

Watching TV: as I alluded to above, Megan loves Once Upon A Time, and I've been trying to love it too.  After all, it's fantasy and fairy tale, which I'm mostly all about.  And it's created by some of the same people that worked on Lost, making it an automatic contender for my rapt attention.  But I'm not loving it. 

I may give it up now that Megan has introduced me to Touch.  Because I maybe accidentally watched all three episodes available on Hulu right in a row.  Which was super fun for tonight but leaves me nothing to do tomorrow night.  Which also gives me my dream job: person who is in on the brainstorming/screenwriting of this story.  I can so easily imagine myself in some conference room, and the other people and I are practically yelling, we're so excited: "I know, then he'll put a number down with the popcorn and then the phone will ring and it'll be Clea's long lost mother only her mother doesn't say anything which of course makes you wonder, where is she and how come they aren't connected and how will they get connected?"  That's what the whole show is about--connections--and I can hardly wait for the next episode!!  I didn't even talk about how it doesn't feel like a coincidence that Keifer Sutherland plays the main character in the show, and that sends me right back to 24, mentioned first but not last here (because back when we were living in the downtown Tokyo room after which this blog is named, for Aogu and I, watching two, three or four episodes in row while huddled right up to the TV so Koji wouldn't hear was absolutely our drug of choice).

Is anyone still reading this?  Now I should talk about a movie I liked last month.  Alas, pretty sure I didn't watch any..., I know I didn't go to the theatre, and I was too busy reading blogs to watch Netflix...seriously, this is a problem.

Listening to music: was it TJ Maxx, or another random store I went into more than two weeks ago--I blame them entirely for the below: 
Heart to Heart by Kenny Loggins has been looplooplooplooping through my head only occasionally supplanted by Eternal Flame by the Bangles.  Now and then, a new song (as in, not from the 80s, though there could never be better music than the 80s, let's be clear) Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye was also in rotation.  The inside of my head is loud. 

I made some black bean cookies with dried cranberries and chunks of dark chocolate.  They were pretty great straight out of the oven, but now they're in the freezer.  I can't be bothered most of the time to reheat them which is weird 'cause they're not that good cold.  I also made some peppermint patties out of coconut oil and they're irresistable.  I started with this recipe but I ended up tweaking it quite a bit so I should put it up on my other really woefully neglected blog.

Tomorrow, Koji and Aogu come back from two weeks away in Tokyo, after which I'll likely be more INTO cooking and laundry than I have been.  I'll let you know in my next edition of What I'm Into This Month!



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Laurie said...

now I understand why you couldn't talk to me yesterday. you were too busy watching 132+ minutes of Touch! i ♥ it too!!!