Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Fastest Nine Years of My Life

just went by, as of yesterday. They started when God gave Aogu and me him:
My fear of sounding cliche often holds me back from speaking my desperate and deep my love for my kids.  But in honor of Koji's birthday, I give you (and him and me): 
 above, he's pictured the day after he was born on April 20th, 2003 in Evanston Hospital. 
All I knew then was his smallness and sweetness, but they were enough.  And now!
Now, we know he is also clever, kind, handsome, athletic, dedicated, loyal, funny and quick...
 God's heart is so gracious, loving, trusting and patient towards us. How could it be otherwise for Him to give us such an amazing gift? And truly, our love for him has intensified as we've experienced sending his brothers and sisters ahead of him to heaven. Not every day with him is sunshine, snails and puppy dogs, but I would not trade any of them. The gift of sticking together through all of our ups and downs is what I treasure. I want to savor our ordinary days even more in the next year--I suspect it will move even faster. 
 So please, look at my boy now! Isn't he great?!!

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