Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Top of the World

Saturday night, the chorus group I'm in celebrated a sad thing in a happy way.  Three of our members, summoned by their husbands' companies, are moving back to Japan.  Wouldn't it be silly if a chorus group of (mostly--exception, me) Japanese ladies marked a special occasion by doing anything other than karaoke?  Wouldn't that be the most foolish thing ever?

Well, not to worry, because from 5 pm until 1:30 am, we were out dutifully fulfilling your expectations.  I like singing Japanese songs because it's harder, but the truth of the matter is my chorus group friends seem to want to sing English songs with me.  In the same way I feel like I'm a somewhat competent singer when we sing together (I'm not a very good singer!!  But I'm in the chorus anyway because I just like to sing and they haven't kicked me out...), I think they feel like their English pronunciation is more accurate when they sing with me?  Maybe?  So, among others, we sang:

Yes, I snuck a Japanese song in there.  Yes, I took the photo on top and it's too dark.  Yes, I must publish this post or fall asleep on my computer.  Good night.

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