Friday, February 24, 2012

Find Me Here

Last night, Aogu and I had a funny (to me?) conversation, something like this:

Me: Did I tell you that K called me three weeks ago and I've still never called her back?  I'm so bad. 

Aogu: Doesn't she know that you're not such a phone talker?  If she wants to get your attention, she should use Google Reader.

Me (laughing): Yeah, anyone who wants to talk to me needs to start a blog, post their business to me on it, and then send me a link...but how do you know that I love Google Reader?!

Aogu: 'Cause I'm the one who looks at our iPhone data usage and lately yours is higher than mine. 

Me: gulp....

There's an element of truth here, people.  I will leave it to you to figure it out... meanwhile, sincere apologies to my lovely friends K and also R who deserve a phone call and still haven't gotten one.

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